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Tiny theater

From Geekdad:

How to explain atomic theory and nanotechnology? How about juggling and comedy! At least that is the theory behind The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show at Boston’s Museum of Science.

Dan Foley and Joel Harris juggle their way through the mysteries of the atomic world. There are flying birdbaths, house plants,”this” and “that”. They use eight-foot unicycles to explain scanning probe microscopes. Who knew atomic theory and nanoscale physics could be this much fun?

The Amazing Nano Brothers explain that everything is made of atoms. You, me, the air you breathe and computer you are staring at. The Nano Brothers turn themselves, a volunteer, and lots of glowing juggling balls into a large atomic model that includes stationary protons and neutrons and whirling electrons.

There is something in it for everyone. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Guide on How Does The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show Meet Educational Standards? (.pdf).

My five-year old GeekSon and I each learned something from the show. He is now focused on how everything is made of atoms. Best of all, he was laughing for the entire 40 minutes of the show. Humor and learning are always a great combination.

The Nano Brothers also have a DVD set, AND you can preview them on YouTube:



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