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Geek Crafting

I tend to post projects on Friday, so here’s the latest project for all you science, or rather science fiction fans, out there:

A Saarlac Pitlow Pillow.

Saarlac Pitlow from Return of the Jedi
Saarlac Pitlow from Return of the Jedi

I like the added detail of the lego guy’s helmet stuck onto one of the tentacles.

The critter is an entry into the Stitch Wars competition. The Stitch Wars is taking place at the Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery, in Lauderhill, Florida. The show opens this weekend, on July 18th and runs until August 29th, with an opening reception from 7-10pm.

They also have a blog. Who doesn’t these days? Ah, modern life, where even the most ancient of artistic skills can be promoted online. Ok, sarcasm aside, I actually do think it’s interesting how these crafts like sewing and knitting, for a long time considered dowdy and not chic at all, are now used by young women and men everywhere to make a cultural statement.

 poster for Stitch Wars
poster for Stitch Wars


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