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Artists connecting online

Talenthouse is an online community geared specifically towards artists. According to the blog Underwire:

“More than 25,000 artists have logged onto Talenthouse so far. The question is, will they work together to create pieces of lasting beauty? The online “creative community,” which launched [the first week of July], aims to connect filmmakers, photographers, musicians and artists on collaborative projects. Visitors then rank the works-in-progress. Along the way, unknown creative types get to showcase their talents and connect with established professionals. At least that’s the game plan.

Talenthouse founder Amos Pizzey, a British DJ who cites Jonathan Borofsky’s 30-foot Molecule Men sculpture [pictured below (*my note*: Borofsky’s also the creator of the Hammering Man statues in Seattle, Frankfurt, L.A., New York, and other cities)] as one of his inspirations, described the site’s mission in an e-mail to “We connect up-and-coming, seasoned and world-renowned artists under one roof through collaborative projects and providing a potential ’shortcut’ for their career.”

Site members include filmmaker Fernando Meirelles (City of God), actor Stephen Dorff and avant-garde curator Dan Cameron. To add an additional dash of sizzle to the proceedings, Talenthouse designed a Timeline widget incorporating videos, music and pictures that can be embedded into Facebook and MySpace profiles.

“The whole platform is tailored towards global collaboration between artists at every stage of their creative career,” said Pizzey.”

Green Molecule Man by Jonathan Borofsky
Green Molecule Man by Jonathan Borofsky


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