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Tinkering School

I’m technically off today, but I just had to post this cool TED talk from Gever Tully about his Tinkering School he presented at this year’s TED conference. See the talk.

Gever Tulley is the co-founder of the Tinkering School, a weeklong camp where lucky kids get to play with their very own power tools. He’s interested in helping kids learn how to build, solve problems, use new materials and hack old ones for new purposes. He’s also a certified paragliding instructor.

It’s a very short presentation, but it really gets to the heart of what I try to promote through this blog; combinging arts and sciences to learn about the world around you. I love the observation Tulley makes towards the end of the talk about how frustration on a project typically leads to decoration, which in turn often gives the kids time to mull over the dilemma and find a solution.

Tulley also presented a talk at 2007’s TED conference about dangerous things you should let your kids do, which I don’t think is quite as well presented as this year’s, but still good.



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