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Astrophoto contest

Got an awesome shot of Jupiter? Share it in the Astrophotography Contest going on right now sponsored by Celestron and Discover Magazine.

“In celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, DISCOVER and Celestron are hosting an exciting astronomy photo contest.”

Categories include the sun, moon, stars, spaceships, and even microphotography (although I’m not sure what astronomy-related photos would be in this category. Maybe pictures of really tiny space rocks?)

Judging will be led by Phil Plait, the creator of Bad Astronomy, one of’s Best Blogs of 2009.

Prizes include telescope and photography gear.

There are some really awesome photos in there, so check’em out.

Interestingly, this photo was reportedly taken on somebody’s cell phone. Wow! That’s a whole different post about how technology has changed how we see and capture the world.


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