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New film/game: Avatar

From BBC News:

Titanic director James Cameron’s new action adventure movie Avatar and Ubisoft’s game of the same name gears into “first-look/sneak preview” mode this week. Both film and game are due for release at the end of 2009.

The film – and game – follows the exploits of a paralysed marine called Jake Sully who is sent to the beautiful, but dangerous, world of Pandora to help a mining corporation extract a mineral called “unobtanium”. Humans cannot breathe the air on Pandora, so they have to travel – and work – in cumbersome airtight suits.

However, Pandora does have an indigenous population – the Na’vi – a race of 10 foot tall creatures who have no interest in helping humanity exploit, and ultimately destroy, their planet. So the corporation has created a hybrid creature from both human and Na’vi DNA that is controlled via a mental link by a human operator: the Avatar.

Trouble is, every creature on the planet – plant and animal, including the Na’vi – now want humans off the planet and will use any and every means at their disposal to drive them off.

Humanity is engaged in a fight for survival on Pandora, and it is into this environment that Jake Sully is dropped.

“The script for Avatar started 14 years ago, but back then, the technology to make a film like that did not exist,” said Jon Landau, the film’s producer. “Our industry has not created a new universe in 32 years. We have now.”

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