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The Beatles go digital on “Rock Band”

From The New York Times: “The Fab Two and the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison were on hand to announce more details of their coming video game, The Beatles: Rock Band.”

Yes, now you can pretend to be a Beatle with the aid of electronic technology, and not just a CD player and some rockin’ air guitar.

For those not in the know, Rock Band is a video game where people try to sing, drum, or guitar to a song. So far a mish-mash of bands have given permission to have their songs played on the video game. The Beatles are by far the biggest “win” in the history of video game franchising. 

From Stuff: “While Microsoft is keeping us guessing on their motion controller at today’s press conference in LA, the real glamour is surrounding Beatles Rock Band. The game just got its official unveiling, with none other than Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr dropping by to show off the title.

“Sadly they didn’t have a go, leaving that to some Xbox staffers instead. In fact, Macca and Ringo seemed a tad perplexed by the whole thing. Yoko was also on hand to say hi, but it was the surviving Beatles who got the biggest cheer.

“The game is due to land in September, with downloadable songs to follow. Abbey Road will be available in its entirety, with All You Need Is Love as an Xbox exclusive.”

Some people feel like the Beatles are selling out, but others see it as just another venue to enjoy Beatles music. Thoughts?



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