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Functional rideable art

I’m intrigued by metal today.

“A one-man art bike building powerhouse known as the Montana Transit Authority is distracting pedestrians and stopping traffic with custom-built two- and three-wheelers,” according to Autotopia. Neal Fegan, the “one-man” behind Montana Transit Authority, is originally from Montana, but currently works in Portland, OR. These bicycles he creates are indeed modern pieces of art, but the best part is they work! This is truly functional art. I’ve heard people refer to their cars as pieces of art, but now your mode of transportation really can be.

“I love riding all my bikes,” Fegan said. “I’ll admit they are not the best for climbing hills, but once you figure out how to ride you can go forever. I still get amazed at how well they handle, even being ten feet long I can still maneuver around whatever comes my way.”

While the existing bikes are all steel, Fegan plans to switch to aluminum and other materials soon.

Read the full post, and check out more pictures of Fegan’s work.

 Photos: Montana Transit Authority.



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