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Budding architects rejoice

Lego has just released a Frank Lloyd Wright Lego set!

Gadget Lab explains:

“It is releasing the almost ridiculously fitting Architecture series, beginning with the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, six planned sets including the Guggenheim in New York and Fallingwater, the iconic cantilevered waterfall-house outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“This, we don’t need to tell you, is inspired. Real bricks turned into Lego bricks. What’s better is that this is just the beginning of Lego’s Architecture series, as we can see from the teaser on the product page.”

How awesome is that?! It seems especially fitting that they are introducing the series with particularly artistic structures. Frank Lloyd Wright is considered a demi-god where I live in the Pacific Northwest.

You can currently buy them at the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition at the Guggenheim, as well as at Lego.


The Original Masterpiece

                               And the Lego masterpiece!



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