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Summer camp has something for everyone

From GeekDad: “Shared Worlds,” an alternative summer camp, is still taking submissions. What’s so different about them?

“How about an immersive two-week program where students work with noted authors to create a detailed world, then use their shared creation as a basis for writing fiction, creating art and even game design? If this sounds like something one of your kids might be interested in, “Shared Worlds” still has openings available.

“Students spend their time working with instructors, authors, and teaching assistants in a worldbuilding exercise, collaboratively creating a new world, complete down to details such as history, languages and economy, then use this new world as a basis for fiction, art, music and game design. Creativity and collaboration are key in “Shared Worlds,” with problem-solving, communication skills and creative writing all emphasized.”

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Kids tend to do these things on their own, so this could be a great opportunity for them to explore that more, especially if their parents need a two-week vacation.



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