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Music on the mind

From NPR:

“On May 3, the American Museum of Natural History in New York hosted an unusual premiere, combining music, neuroscience and giant images of the brain.

Self Comes To Mind is a collaboration between composer Bruce Adolphe and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, known for his research and writing on the evolution of human consciousness.”

In short, the program explored how the brain reacts to music, and how we in turn react to the imaging of that reaction. Kind of trippy and perhaps a little too naval-gazing, I know, but the exploration of music and the mind are truly untapped areas of research that need to be explored more, so anything that encourages that or allows us to do that is great, in my book.

I’m sorry that this was for one night only, and that I didn’t hear about it until yesterday morning. I’m sure it was a very involved project with a cellist, poet, and volunteer brain-scannee, so it wouldn’t be fun to do several times in a row.



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