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Call for papers: Conference on Arts and Technology

If you are in Asia, or willing to travel, and have been working on some combination of technology and the arts, you’re in luck!

The first International Conference on Arts and Technology (ARTSIT2009) will be held in Yi-Lan, Taiwan, September 24th-25th, 2009. According to their call,

“We cordially invite prospective authors to submit papers in the following areas towards the applications of arts in any forms, such as performing arts, images, animations, visualization, music, sculptures, and so forth.”

This includes:

  • New Media Technologies – Evolutionary systems that create arts or display art works, such as tracking sensors, wearable computers, mixed reality, etc.
  • Software Art – Image processing or computer graphics techniques that create arts, including algorithmic art, mathematic art, advanced modeling and rendering, etc.
  • Animation Techniques – 2D or 3D computer animations, AI-based animations, etc.
  • Multimedia – Integration of different media, such as virtual reality systems, audio, performing arts, etc.
  • Interactive Methods – Vision-based tracking and recognition, interactive art, etc.

This sounds really awesome, although coming from a European cultural background, the line about technology being “the major drivers of culture which will eventually lead to the future I4 space (intelligent, interactive, invisible and informative) – and Utopia kind of life,” is somewhat scary to me. But everything else about it sounds really exciting and a great opportunity to meet other people in your field.

The deadline to submit is May 15th. The camera-ready paper isn’t due until July.

The conference is sponsored by ICST, the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. It is co-sponsored by CREATE-NET, “a unique international center in which some of Europe’s finest researchers are brought together in a dynamic environment in order to engage in innovative quality projects.”

Could be interesting.



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