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A kindred internet spirit

I just stumbled upon (and I believe for the first time) this amazing, awesome, totally bitchin’ site, hosted among the science blog family.

Bioephemera, written by Jessica Palmer, explores biology illustrated, or in her words, “art + biology – anything and everything from representations of science in art and literature to the neuroscience of aesthetics. Along with lots of other stuff that’s just plain interesting.”

As a biologist and artist, she is tapped into different avenues of exploring art and biology, and what art does to the mind. She’s got some very cool historical analysis, optical art, and microphotography featured recently on her site.

I am so happy that there is someone else out there interested in this topic and is getting hosted on such a wide-reaching forum. This seems to be treated as such a novelty and it really shouldn’t be, as Palmer so aptly demonstrates in her blog.

Check it out.



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