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Summon your muse electronically

I don’t usually follow the latest iPhone application craze, but this one is pretty cool, especially for someone who writes for a living: The Word Twiddle.

As both Wired and PC World explain (in almost exactly the same wording?), the app is based of a writing exercise that a writer’s block afflicted person can go to a dictionary, pick three random words out of the book, and write something that includes all three words. It forces the creative juices to start flowing, or at least gets you over that first hurdle.

“It can be an effective technique to get a brainstorm brewing for all types of creative activities, from naming your new company to mocking your friends.” (how sweet, PC World).

Now, this same technique is available electronically via an iPhone application.

“With Word Twiddle from Double Dog Studios on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can generate arbitrary combinations of words to kick-start a stalled imagination. Using a slot-machine-like interface, Word Twiddle works quickly to pluck up to three terms from its database of 50,000 words at the tap of a button. (The free lite version of Word Twiddle offers a library of 3,700 words.)”

According to the PC World review the words can be a little obscure, but isn’t that the fun of a dictionary?



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