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Brain orchestra

A team in Prague has figured out a way for people to creat music using just their mind.

From the BBC:

“Musicians use their brain waves to play computer-generated notes while led by an ’emotional conductor.’ The graphs of those brain waves are projected onto one of two large screens above the orchestra. The performers launch sounds or affect their frequencies using EEG systems that measure their brain activity.

“Two of the performers were given a task to watch a screen in front of them, with flashing rows and columns of letters, and told to look for a particular letter. When they see it, 300 thousandths of a second later a signal appears in the EEG, causing a note to play.”

You should definitely check out the video of this “performance.” The conductor is really funny and completely over the top, but I guess they all are. It’s not great music or anything, and it’s a little weird to see people staring at epileptic-seizure inducing flashing lights and creating music out of it, but this sort of thing you almost have to see to believe.

This is also a huge step in communicating with stroke victims or others who are awake and aware but can’t communicate effectively.



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