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Play the tromphone!

Courtesy of CNET:

Smule, the makers of popular musical iPhone application, Ocarina, has just released a new music application today that pushes its social music experiment even further. Leaf Trombone (99 cents) lets you “play” your iPhone like a trombone by sliding your finger on the touch screen to create different notes and you can even play with a musicbox-like accompaniment.”

Set up somewhat like the games guitar hero or rock band, iPhone users have already uploaded songs for the user to play along with.

What’s nice about this game is that it is interactive, if you count uploading your songs to be judged American Idol-style as interactive.

More here…

Admittedly, one looks a little silly while playing. But I think it’s a fun idea for those of us who can afford a 99 cent version of a trombone as opposed to the real deal. But it’s fun, and the sound quality is pretty good.

There are already YouTube videos up demonstrating some people’s innate tromphone talents.



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