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Knitting the ‘Net

Okay, technically it’s embroidery and cross-stitching, but after reading Jenny William’s blog on GeekDad, I couldn’t think of a better title than hers.

 “Crafter Sailor Coruscant executed this internet sampler, complete with <3s, emoticons, a keyboard layout and many other internet-related features.”

The pattern Sailor Coruscant used is based off of a Livejournal entry.

Craft Magazine picked up on this too.

 It made me wonder just how much technology-inspired needlework is out there. A lot, apparently. Just check out this set on Flickr, truly an ode to Mac. Here’s a group promoting open source.

There is an entire cross-stitch subculture of stitching video game characters. They even got onto eHow.

So now you know.



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