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Science family tree

Have you ever wondered just how inter-related research in primatology is with research in paleobotany? Well, apparently that question comes up fairly often, which is why researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have created their version of a map of the sciences. They don’t give a very good explanation of what all the color coding means, but it does make it very pretty. It sort of looks like a massive constellation.

Map of Science
Map of Science

The Los Alamos team analyzed click streams from 23 databases — Thomson Scientific, Elsevier, Jstor, Ingenta and multiple campuses of the University of Texas and California State University — and mapped patterns of interest and cross-journal citations.” Searchers were unidentifiable.

Along with this, there are a whole slew of “maps of science” looking at science family trees, competencies across different nations, and all sorts of interesting visual representations of scientific statistical data.



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