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“Watchmen” tech a reality?

The latest comic book, er, graphic novel-cum-guaranteed blockbuster will soon be upon us. The Watchmen, based in mid-80s is about a group of superheroes essentially trying to find their place in the modern world, while also solving murders and saving the world. You know, the usual superhero stuff.

Back in 1986-87, when the series was written, writer Alan Moore was trying to come up with some futuristic-but-not-too-futuristic stuff, like supersymmetry theory, electric cars, and teleportation, to make the Watchmen’s world seem somewhat possible. Well, 20 years later, we’re now living with some of that stuff, or will be in the near future. (For the record, teleportation is still a loooong ways away). Read on for more details.

You have to wonder how many scientists in the 20th century were inspired by DC Comics. What will inspire the scientists of the 21st century? The Powerpuff Girls?



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