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VERY accessible DIY

For anybody who really, REALLY enjoys do-it-yourself magazines and TV shows, MAKE magazine has debuted a tv/webcast series for your viewing pleasure, and to help cut down on the inevitable piling up of old DIY magazines and video tapes of episodes recorded off the TV.

MAKE:Television recently debuted both online and on two public televsion stations, Twin Cities Public Television and American Public Television. You can also get RSS feeds, stream the episodes through other media, and according to their website “Make: television is the first TV show in history to launch on public television, iTunes,, vimeo, YouTube & direct (full) HD downloads, and Bittorrent – each week when the episodes come out we’ll post all the ways to get them!”

Their first few episodes have had different make-your-own methods for aerial photography, as well as catapults and pretty gizmos. MAKE just loves Steampunk stuff.



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