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Calling Dick Tracy

Once again, comics inspire science. When Batman films come out everyone wants a utility belt. That apparently was easy to do. But a wrist-phone? Not possible. Until now. Definitely inspired by the legendary Dick Tracy of comic book fame, LG debuted its LG wrist-watch/phone at  the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past weekend.

Just as an aside, I wonder who is actually old enough to remember the Dick Tracy comics from their original run, and yet also be tech-geeky enough to immediately want to run out and buy the new gizmo.

Anyway, the new device is about as big as digital watches from the 1980s, but you can apparently text-message, call, and watch streaming video on the device, which is more than any of my phones can do. 

From the article: “It supports 3G HSDPA that enables faster data transmission and even allows you to make ‘video phone calls’ using the built-in camera. It’s a quad-band GSM phone, so you’ll be able to take it with you if you travel abroad.”

Hmmm, Dick Tracy, international man of mystery? We may be on to a new franchise here…



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