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New Images of Humankind has mass appeal

The new ARS Electronica center in Austria opened its doors last Friday with an exhibit featuring images from medicine and biological sciences – “biotech, genetic engineering and neuroscience, as well as imaging procedures that enable us to blaze trails into unexplored realms of the microsphere and macrosphere.”

Titled “New Images of Humankind”, the new exhibition had 12,500 visitors in three days, and required staggered admission.

The exhibit also included sculptures and other creations featuring combined elements of arts and biology. There were even some interactive exhibits such as photographing your own retina. You can read a description of all the different exhibits.

People were impressed with the new ARS Electronica Center itself, especially its 5100 m2 LED front facade. They have some cool pictures of the light show the LEDs can put on at their website.

If anybody has a chance to visit the new center in Linz, let me know.



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