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The science of the senses

This is an old story I’ve been sitting on for awhile, but I really like it and think it should get its time in the spotlight, or at least on the Internet.

The NYT wrote an article back in November about how a group of neuroscientists in New York have launched a lecture series titled “Science of the Five Senses. ” In this series of talks, scientists choose a topic of discussion – taste, hearing, smell, etc. – and team up with artists to present and explain their findings. For example, scheduled for April, psychologist Daniel Levitin is paired with Rosanne Cash to discuss how exactly we get those catchy tunes stuck in our heads.

Coming up next in the lecture series: “In one of the more unusual pairings, Christof Koch, a neuroscientist at the California Institute of Technology who studies vision and attention, will enlist the master pickpocket Apollo Robbins, who has relieved members of the Secret Service of their watches and wallets, to demonstrate a variety of visual illusions on Jan. 12.”

The talks are being hosted and organized by the New York Academy of Sciences.



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