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Party Hardy

Artist Giles Walker has created a robot pole-dancer as part of his collection of interactive robots.  See the somewhat creepy footage. Walker has also created robot DJs, and soon drunk robots. He can have his own dance party, just in time to bring in the New Year.

The footage was “shot at Mutate Britain, an art exhibit at London’s Behind the Shutters Gallery. The clip shows the racy robotic work of Giles Walker, a member of U.K. guerrilla art group Mutoid Waste Company.” There isn’t much on the Mutoid website yet, but I’ll be curious to see what develops.

According to Walker’s own website “These ‘robots’ are built from 12V motors found in cars (windscreen wiper motors, etc.) and then controlled through a PC using a DMX programme. The robots that I am currently building involve live interaction, and incorporate sensors that react with their immediate environment. I am hoping to get these onto the street and reacting with the public.”

So if you’re out dancing tonight and think that girl’s moves are a little robotic, maybe you’ll know why.

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a 2009 full of science, art, and good fortune!



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