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For the snowed-in: Star Wars Origami

A lot of us are currently stuck at home, with lots of snowy, icy, cold weather, especially in cities where snow is not a common occurrence. And those of us who did make it home for the holidays are possibly now stuck inside with our wonderful families. So for those of you at home, with family, or even work, with nothing to do and getting a little stir-crazy, here is a fun/geeky activity for you to take on: an Origami Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. The link has directions in both still- and moving-picture form.

Created by paper-folding artist Philip Schulz, his website has a whole bunch of different Star Wars ships and shapes to try out.

Origami is a fun art, a great way to kill some time, and an applied way to learn about Geometry. And it’s just fun to fly your own personal Millenium Falcon around making the sound effects.



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