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Be ecofriendly: use holey font

A new type of font has been released, open access, that is supposedly friendly to the environment because it uses 15% less ink.

“Spranq, the Utrecht-based marketing and communications company that designed the font, struck on a Swiss-cheese design after failures with earlier experiments using thin letters and partial letters — like the stripes of a zebra.” Read more of the article.

It reminds me somewhat of Broadway lighting, and despite what its creator says, I think it’s quite nice looking.

But the best part is the creators are inviting people to try and create better version of this Eco-friendly font. Again, the program is open source, and so anyone and everyone is welcome to download it and try their hand at creating a font that makes a statement in more ways than one. It’s also a great form of advertisement for creative communications company SPRANQ.



Beth Kelley is an applied & digital anthropologist with an overall interest in how people engage with and are impacted by their environments and vice versa. This has manifested itself in many ways, by looking at creativity, playful spaces, built environments, and environmental enrichment, sustainability, design research, and integrative and collaborative models of learning such as through play and hands-on learning.