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Photovoltaic art installation in San Jose library

From the article: “A new branch library that opened in San Jose, California, this week sports an art glass window installation that is also a solar-power generator.” more here.

I think this is a great location for this type of art/science installation. It is in a very public space and can education people about solar energy and some of the different options surrounding it.

They have installed a couple of these in Canada, which I’ve written about before on this blog, but I believe this article is correct in claiming this is the first installation in a major U.S. city.

I’m actually surprised this type of art installation hasn’t picked up more in popularity. It’s not like the windows need to power the entire building, and it’s a nice statement to add to any LEED or other wanna-be-green, or wanna-be-artistic, building. And, they’re really pretty.



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