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Get lost, please

Architects and design researchers have created a virtual reality experiment in which they try to get participants lost. The participants wear a virtual head piece and try to navigate their way through non-descript hallways and unmarked offices. The researchers are using the program to learn what cues we humans pick up on when we’re traveling in an unfamiliar space, like a hospital or government building. They found we picked up on really subtle stuff like patterning in the carpet. They hope this research will help them design easier-to-navigate buildings, or at least design more interesting carpet.



Beth Kelley is an applied & digital anthropologist with an overall interest in how people engage with and are impacted by their environments and vice versa. This has manifested itself in many ways, by looking at creativity, playful spaces, built environments, and environmental enrichment, sustainability, design research, and integrative and collaborative models of learning such as through play and hands-on learning.