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A literal sneak peak

Cnet News brings us this small snippet about new sunglasses created by Thanko in Japan that allows viewers a private screening of their favorite movie. The viewer simply puts the glasses on, and a tiny screen shows videos, photos, or whatever else the sunglasses can store in its little memory bank.

The days of watching a movie anywhere on your HD-quality laptop are long gone now, thanks to this handy device that allows you to watch videos anywhere you choose. Look cool in school while watching comedies in Physics class (although now teachers will have a really good reason to demand kids take their sunglasses off in class). And as the blurb itself states “Note to wearers: please lay off the films while crossing the street.”

Sorry for being so sarcastic; this is actually a fairly nifty device that allows people to view photos or any other digitized visual item privately without bothering others around them. Here’s the Japanese website for the company (there’s an English version of the website, but it’s not featuring the glasses).



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