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Techies express their (permanent) love

A.k.a. the Scientiste ♥’s WIRED News.

Okay, onto business:

This is a photo spread of tattoos that people had done that express their eternal love of technology (or at least love until they save up enough money for laser surgery). The photo spread also included a bassoon player’s tattoo in there, which isn’t really modern technology, but I think they let it in for the geek factor and because it’s just a cool idea (and a way to practice one’s fingering). My favorite is the guy with the ruler tattoo: practical and making a statement. Hopefully he won’t decide to start body building. A lot of comments also include links to cool techie tattoos.

The attitude towards tattoos has definitely changed from even 15 years ago, and what’s interesting is the same generation(s) of people that have made tattoos more acceptable have also been the most open to the adoption of and easiest fluency with new technologies.



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