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Lightwave 2009: call for submissions

In fairness to our friends across the pond (okay, for anyone who can’t make it to Austin, TX), I present LIGHTWAVE, put on by the Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. I covered the LIGHTWAVE exhibit last year, and what’s awesome about this exhibit is that while Maker Faire is geared more towards artists with a tech-bend, the Science Gallery is geared more towards scientists with a wild, artistic streak. They currently are gearing up (get it?) for a Robot art contest.

According to the Science Gallery’s call, “Examples of project themes already proposed are the development of sustainable light sources in Africa, light pollution, effects of light on the body and the creative control of light through technology.” And yet they want you to be artistic about the whole thing.

Submissions are due September 19. They won’t be going up until February of 2009, and (if I remember) I’ll post something about the actual exhibit then.



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