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Xbox and Netflix togetherx

Oops, sorry about the title; a lot of X’s are involved in this story, what’s one more? And technically this isn’t really about art or science, but perhaps simply about the science used to now access art.

Microsoft and Netflix have teamed up to offer the capability for members of both Netflix and the Gold Level membership of Xbox Live to stream movies from Netflix using the said Xbox Live and watch said movies on their T.V.

The thing is, Netflix already offered free downloads for members, so if your computer has any high-image capabilities, and doesn’t get all poopy about the Netflix movie-viewer (which my cheap little computer does, unfortunately), you really don’t need to go out and get an Xbox Live or Gold level subscription. Plus, Netflix doesn’t have that many newer movies available for download yet, and their downloadable library is only 10,000 compared to the 100,000 DVDs available. 

However, I already know of at least two of my friends who are going out and buying the new upgraded Xboxes for just this occasion. I guess I’m just missing something. Feel free to clue me in.



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