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Recharge your phone by dancing

Why this isn’t being marketed as an ipod charger I don’t know.

Reuters is reporting a mobile phone operator Orange in the UK has teamed up with renewable energies company GotWind to develop a cell phone charger that runs of kinetic energy.

“The portable kinetic energy chargers will be given a test run at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, the world’s biggest greenfield music and arts celebration that begins on a farm in Somerset, southwest England on Friday [June 27].”

If these are ever marketed in the U.S., I would so get one of these if a) I had an ipod, and b) I didn’t have two left feet. I might just get one anyway because I like the idea of sweating for my access to electronics. A quick scan of Google doesn’t find anything like this for runners, but there should be. The market for this type of thing in the fitness industry is HUGE.



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