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UK Tech Transfer board for creative technologies

The UK government definitely appreciates the combination of art and science. They have created a business development group devoted entirely to “creative technologies.”

To quote, the national government’s “Technology Strategy Board appointed a consortium to manage the newly created Creative Industries Technology Innovation Network (CITIN). The consortium members are University of the Arts London, Imperial College London, The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and TIGA, a trade group representing the UK gaming industry. The network plans to bring together businesses, universities, research and technology organizations, the finance community and other intermediaries to help boost commercialization of research and adoption of new technologies in a wide spectrum of creative industries, including advertising, architecture, computer games, crafts, performing arts, TV & radio, film and video, designer fashion, software, music, design, and publishing.” The full press release article is here.

The technologies include anything from Bioscience to sustainable technologies (I also love the distinctions made between the regions in the UK on their project reports page). Here is the page of forthcoming events.



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