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Seed Magazine

Just wanted to plug this great magazine I found – Seed Magazine – that looks at science in a very applied, integrated way, i.e., how the world affects us, what science do we need to know in order to understand it, and why we should care about science and the world.

There are a lot of great articles but of course, in staying with this blog’s theme, I chose to feature this one written by Jonah Lehrer about how scientists and artists need to work together more in order to solve some of the 21st Century’s biggest problems. One excerpt from the article that pretty much says it all:

“The current constraints of science make it clear that the breach between our two cultures is not merely an academic problem that stifles conversation at cocktail parties. Rather, it is a practical problem, and it holds back science’s theories. If we want answers to our most essential questions, then we will need to bridge our cultural divide. By heeding the wisdom of the arts, science can gain the kinds of new insights and perspectives that are the seeds of scientific progress.”

Some great images of Escher, Calder, and other artists’ work are included with the article that demonstrate the need of science in the arts, and how artists can help scientists solve some riddles.



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