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Dave Bolinsky and “The Inner Life of the Cell”

Medical illustrator Dave Bolinsky presented a wonderful talk at the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging symposium (and at the 2007 TED conference) about his movie his movie “The Inner Life of the Cell.” His goal is to bring the life and living back into science, to remind people that science can be beautiful. The following blurb was written by SPIE Women in Optics coordinator, Allison Romanyshyn:

David Bolinsky gave one of the Symposium Wide Plenary talks at EI on ‘The Making of “Inner Life of the Cell”.’ He is a medical illustrator and using animation to show images of a human cell. The video was developed in collaboration with Harvard and is incredible. Although sick (taking a garbage can with him to hide in the podium in case he needed to use it), he was an engaging speaker and passionate about what he does. You can see a 9 minute clip from the 2007 TED conference at if interested.

 Allison has also produced a Career in Optics CD-rom and webcast (at the bottom of this link’s page) as part of SPIE’s outreach efforts to engage younger students in science and science careers.



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