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Iowa Bridge also gets bedazzled

Taken straight from the Press Release:

Advanced Lighting Systems, a Nexxus Lighting company located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, has completed the lighting for the Norbert F. Beckey  bridge in Muscatine, Iowa, which stretches from Iowa to Illinois across the Mississippi River 170 miles west of Chicago. A ribbon cutting ceremony officially marked the occasion on May 12th.

“The lighting system only requires 43 Advanced Lighting Systems LiveLED 100 RGB fixtures to illuminate the fifteen hundred foot bridge including the girders measuring 60 to 90 feet high and piers 100 feet high” explained Paul Benton, National Sales Manager for Advanced Lighting Systems. “Using a DMX lighting controller, multiple color patterns wash the structure and create a stunning picture for this bridge and the surrounding area of Muscatine.”

“This project was three years in the making and it was satisfying to see it all the way through to the “Lighting of The Bridge Ceremony” stated Paul Steitz President of Advanced Lighting Systems. “The entire town of Muscatine was there for this monumental event and Advanced Lighting Systems was proud to be part of it.  This project took a team of people to make it happen and we appreciate all the hard work they did.  We hope this project inspires other municipalities to consider this colorful and energy saving lighting to increase their visibility and identities.”

What’s weird is they don’t offer a picture of the bridge anywhere. I could only find a pre-lit image of the bridge (the best one’s on Dave Polaschek’s Flickr account). No reasoning as to why they did this project either; I guess this bridge just needed some sparkle.



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